My Journey To The Past

My journey to the past isn't something that would be pictured in a science fiction book or movie.  It is a journey of tracing my ancestors one step at a time.

When I was a little girl I loved history.  I loved to read about times past and far away places.  I was equally curious about my family's history.  Often you would find me looking through old photo albums asking who this person or that was.  Many of my questions went unanswered, but my interest never went away.

I remember the first time genealogy came up in school.  It was my grade 8 year and we had to pick a family member to research.  I decided to pick my Grandfather Gordon Laws.  Grandpa Gordon passed away when I was very little so I don't have any memories of him.  Learning about where he lived and the many jobs he had during his life helped me to feel closer to him.  Then again in a high school history class we had a family tree project.  That time I worked on a different family line.  I still have the notes I made back then, I found them recently tucked into memory box I put together long ago.

Since I restarted my family history study this fall I've discovered something wonderful.  There is a huge genealogy community on the internet.  I've met so many helpful people and also been very blessed to find some family members.  I'm looking forward to sharing my family stories with you as I continue my journey into the past, to preserve it for my children.

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