Sunday Supper ~ Fried Potato Patties

I don't remember my Grandma Hilda Laws (nee Anderson) cooking much when I was growing up.  But there were a few things she enjoyed making.

Grandma was born in 1916 and living through the depression made her a thrifty woman.  One of my favorite meals as a child focused on using left overs.  I still love these and making them brings back memory's of standing beside my Nana while she cooked up a few batches of her Fried Hash Potato Patties.

This really isn't a recipe more of a method.  
Chop up a medium onion and stir into left over mashed potatoes.  If you have any left over meat cut this up fine and stir in.  She often would use left over ham, or tuna.  Mix this all together well.  
Form mixture into patty shapes and fry until golden brown on each side.  Top with some salt and pepper and enjoy!

These are sooo good and a great way to use up left overs.