Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #3 ~ Christmas Tree Ornaments

The photo I have of my Grandpa and Grandma Law's tree is from the late 1970's.  I can see the decorated it in red garland with silver tips, huge red silk balls, small white silk balls and candy canes.  On top is a light up snowflake that I remember from my childhood.
I remember having some of these pretty silk balls on our Christmas tree growing up.  Until our cats destroyed them that is.
I don't know how my other ancestors decorated their Christmas trees.  Although I wouldn't be surprised it they did make ornaments or string popcorn and cranberry's for garland.  I wonder what kind of ornaments decorated my Grandmothers tree when she was a child.

When I was a little girl our decorations changed from year to year.  Some years the tree was decorated in homemade paper chains we had made in school.  But most years it was red or silver garland, blinking lights and red silk balls.  Latter we switched to brightly colored glass balls.  The tree was topped with either a Santa, star or snowflake that had belonged to my Grandmother.

My first Christmas together with my hubby money was very tight.  Still we had a HUGE tree. lol  Many of the decorations were given to my by my family.  I don't think we have many of them anymore, long destroyed by hubby's sneaky cats.  They would always wait until we went to bed to attack that tree!
I did buy a few new ornaments for us that year.

This ornament I picked out as a gift to my hubby.  We lived on an off grid farm and did all of our cooking on an old wood cook stove.  That stove had belonged to him for along time.  This is his ornament to place on the tree every year.

I picked these two Cardinal since we both love birds.  Cardinals are hard to find around here, but this way I can enjoy them all Christmas long.

I do have other ornaments our children have made, but they are still packed away.  We will be putting our tree up on Saturday.  I will take some photos and then post some of their favorites.