Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #9 Grab Bag ~ Christmas Light Drive

Today's topic in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories is a grab bag/pick your own topic.  I'd like to share about a family tradition we started.

I have always loved Christmas lights, they are one of my favorite parts of holiday decorating.  When our daughter was a baby, hubby and I decided to start doing a Christmas Eve drive to look at all the Christmas lights in town.  We would all get dressed up warm as by Christmas time it's very cold here!  We would go to McDonald's for supper and then get some hot chocolate from Tim Horton's.  Then we would slowly drive through all the side streets in town.  The roads were fairly quiet, just a few travelers out heading to visit family.  We just took our time driving around looking at all the beautiful displays.
By our second year doing this our oldest daughter was 20 months old.  At this age she just LOVED the lights!  She would shriek and giggle and just loved this.   
We still do our Christmas light drive each December, but not normally on Christmas Eve any more.  We prefer to have a quiet family evening now.  But we watch the weather closely and try and pick out a nice evening for our drive.  Now we have an early family supper at home then pile into the van, drive to town and get everyone some hot chocolate and enjoy the beautiful lights.

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