Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #10 ~ Christmas Gifts

One year for Christmas my husband and I received a very special gift.  It was our second Christmas together and we were living on an off grid farm.  It was a very old homestead.   Our water was carried from a spring quite some distance from the house and you had to go over two hills to get to it.  It was also a long walk to the barns were our chores had to be done daily.
On our second Christmas there, some dear friends surprised us with a gift of snowshoes!  Even better these snowshoes had belonged to them for quite some time, so have many memories in them.  This wonderful gift made our lives so much easier back then.  It was a lot easier getting back and forth to the barns and much easier to carry water to the house.  No more sinking up to your knees or higher in the snow banks!
We also enjoyed many walks through the bush with these.  Now the lacings need to be shellacked again, hopefully I'll be able to get that done this year!

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