Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #14 ~ Fruitcake

Ok I have to admit it, I really DO like fruitcake!  We always had fruitcake in the house around the holiday times when I was little.  I do remember one year my mother made her own.  I can remember seeing them sitting in the bottom of the fridge being "soaked" and wanting so bad to sneak into them. lol
The cakes I remember having were filled with cherries, raisins, nuts and were a dark colored bread.  The bread was just a little firmer then most quick breads I've made.  We always had our slices topped with butter.  Yum!
I have never made my own fruitcake though, maybe I'll try it next year!
About 8 years ago we went to visit some dear friends for Christmas.  She had made fruitcake, but also another type.  It was more of a cherry pound cake.  Oh that was so good.  I have the recipe here some were.  We've moved since then but I should try and find the recipe.

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