Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #19 ~ Christmas Shopping

I'm a little behind in posting this week!  Question #19 was:
How did your family handle Christmas Shopping? Did anyone finish early or did anyone start on Christmas Eve?

My earliest memories of Christmas shopping were always with the Sears Wish Book.  It would arrive some time in late October I think and everyone would enjoy looking through it.  As we lived in a small town Sears was the most popular way of shopping.
Us kids didn't real make a wish list, but we would circle things we really hoped for in the catalog.  Most years we would find it under the tree.
Now that I have my own family we do things a little differently.  I no longer order from Sears as I've found there quality has really gone down.  Some years I make all of our gifts and other years we pick out a few special things to give our kids.  Our focus at Christmas isn't on giving expensive gifts, but spending time with our family and building memories.

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