Ancestor Approved Award

I've received the Ancestors Approved award from The Hummer at Branching Out Through the Years.  Thank you so much!  Ancestors Approved was started by Leslie Ann at Ancestors Lived Here.
I'm suppose to share 10 things about my ancestors that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me and share this award with 10 other bloggers.

1.  Finding out my father went by his middle name all his life surprised me.  I never knew his first name was John until I saw his obit in the library.
2. Humbled to discover my G Grandmother lost two brothers to WW1, her husband at the end of the war, her 2 year old son and her father all with in a few years.  What a strong woman she must have been to carry on for her family.
3. Surprised to find my G Grandmother had more then the 1 sibling I was told about.
4. Surprised to find so many distant and close family online.  Some of whom have an interest in family history!
5.  Surprised to find out the Puddington side of the family I was told was American, actually came from Canada lived in the USA for just a few years and moved back to Canada. lol
6.  Surprised to find so many brick walls all on the same family side.  At times I really think they are hiding from me. lol
7.  Surprised at how far across North America my Grandmothers family has spread, and it's a small branch!
8.  Surprised to find a photo of my Grandmother as a child and see how much my 3 year old looks like her.
9.  Surprised to find out that my father and his first wife shared 1 set of grandparients Thomas Grummet & Sarah Price Whisker.  He descended from their daughter Maria Grummett and his wife from their son Jessie Grummett.
10.  Humbled to find out how much my childhood had in common with my Grandmothers.  We both lost our fathers about the same age. etc.

Now to share this with 10 other bloggers.