Genealogy Plans 2011

I don't normally make new years resolutions.  However it is nice to take some time to think about your plans for the coming year.
I started working on my family tree 20ish years ago, then put my research on hold 11 years ago and finally restarted this past fall.  With the new wealth of records online I have made more progress in my research in the past few months then I had in the earlier years!
I've also been very blessed to be able to get in touch with family members online whom I hadn't known.

My hopes for 2011 are:

Organization:  I have a huge amount of documents and scanned images that need to be organized.  I'm working to finish my pc hard drive organization.  Get all the files in their proper place and linked into my genealogy software.

Scanning:  I would like to finish scanning in my older photos and the newer ones taken before I started having them put on CD's.

Research:  I would like to order the BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death) certificates for for my direct ancestors that I'm missing.
I would like to get a subscription to the Swedish online archives.  My Great Grandfather Oscar Anderson came from Sweden and I would like to find his family there.
Keep searching for the marriage info on Frederick Robichaud and Elizabeth Gallant.  They are the parents of my  Great Grandmother.  I have Fredericks info from his second marriage, but have been unable to find Elizabeth's parents.
I would also LOVE to find some photos of my father when he was a young man or boy.

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