52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History #8 ~ Technology

Week 8: Technology.  What are some of the technological advances that happened during your childhood? What types of technology to you enjoy using today, and which do you avoid?

This could be a big topic!

Cable:  I remember when we were little our T.V. was huge, mostly because it was in a wooden case.  I've seen similar old ones turned into fish tanks in the middle that look quite nice!  Anyway we had a big antenna in the back yard, but we were still lucky to pull in 3 or 4 channels. Many times they were fuzzy.
I can remember the day the cable man came and hooked up our TV.  Now we had this black box that sat on top of the TV.  It had a row of number buttons you had to push down to change the channel.  But, there was no more fuzzy pictures!  Ahh it was nice to have a clear image.

Computers:  I can remember our school got their first computers when I was very young.  I think some time between grade 3 and 4.  They were the type that used cassette tapes not disks.
A few years latter I was able to get my own computer, used of course as they were still very expensive.  It was a Tandy 100 and did not have a hard drive.  It did have 2 disk drives that held the 5.24" floppy disks.  But boy was I happy!

Video games:  I was about 11 when we got our first video game unit.  It was a Nintendo and not long after the Supper Nintendo came out and we got that one to.  We had a lot of fun playing thoughts games.  It was good rainy day or snow day fun!  Although I still loved to curl up with a good book!