Sorting Saturday ~ Bookmarks, Facebook & Blog Feeds

With the snow flying and cold wind blowing I decided to sit at my pc with my hot coco today and do some organizing.  I have been collecting links and other info for some time and it's getting harder to find things.

The first thing I did was start using Facebook Lists.  I made one for genealogy and one for family.  Eventually I might break this down farther but it works well for now.  Now I can quickly filter my feed to find posts I'm looking for.

Up next was my Google reader.  I have a large number of blogs in that but I wanted them separated by categories.  I set up my categories and worked through a few hundred blogs sorting them out.

I still need to figure out a good method to keep my bookmarks.  I use more then one browser, and some times I'm on hubby's computer.  Because of this I'm looking at different online bookmarking sites.  So far I'm liking Diigo the best.  I like that it's not just for collecting bookmarks, but that it can also place sticky notes, archive a page and some other handy options.  But I'm afraid it will take me a while to get ALL my bookmarks moved over. lol