Charles & Margaret Stinson

A little while ago I posted about the Stinson family I was working on.  I've made a little progress, but also hit many brick walls.
I've been able to track the older children listed in the 1851 census (listed in the post linked to above), but the parents have just vanished.
The Anglican Archives checked for a death record for Margaret and Charles Stinson between 1851 and 1861, nothing found.  So they should be out there hiding some where!  They did send me a number of records, but they turned out to be for the wrong family.  The family was James and Alice Stinson, who's name on the 1851 census is miss written as Stanson.  All the census after that time show their name as Stinson, as do the baptism records in the 1840's in Etobicoke.

Margaret is listed as married and not widowed in the census, but her husband does not show up in the census anywhere so far.  If he had passed away and she remarried then their should be a record of his death, nothing.

Adding to the mystery, the Robert Stinson in the census above paid for a burial plot in 1855.  The first person buried in it is James Stinson age 61.  He was also a cooper.  Now this James does not appear in the census, so far either!  The rest of the burials in that plot were of Robert's children.  There is a family connection here.  But I don't know yet if James is actually Charles the father, or perhaps an uncle.

I have not been able to find any of the younger children, other then McLean Stinson.  He pops back up in 12 Apr 1876, in Etobicoke, York Co., Ontario, Canada, when he marries Francis Mary C Hill.  They are found in the 1881 census together along with two children Charles and Russel.
But where was he in 1861 and 1871??

Hopefully the missing parents and children can be found.  Even better would be a firm link to MY Margaret Mills (nee Stinson).

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