Friday, February 25, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History #8 ~ Technology

Week 8: Technology.  What are some of the technological advances that happened during your childhood? What types of technology to you enjoy using today, and which do you avoid?

This could be a big topic!

Cable:  I remember when we were little our T.V. was huge, mostly because it was in a wooden case.  I've seen similar old ones turned into fish tanks in the middle that look quite nice!  Anyway we had a big antenna in the back yard, but we were still lucky to pull in 3 or 4 channels. Many times they were fuzzy.
I can remember the day the cable man came and hooked up our TV.  Now we had this black box that sat on top of the TV.  It had a row of number buttons you had to push down to change the channel.  But, there was no more fuzzy pictures!  Ahh it was nice to have a clear image.

Computers:  I can remember our school got their first computers when I was very young.  I think some time between grade 3 and 4.  They were the type that used cassette tapes not disks.
A few years latter I was able to get my own computer, used of course as they were still very expensive.  It was a Tandy 100 and did not have a hard drive.  It did have 2 disk drives that held the 5.24" floppy disks.  But boy was I happy!

Video games:  I was about 11 when we got our first video game unit.  It was a Nintendo and not long after the Supper Nintendo came out and we got that one to.  We had a lot of fun playing thoughts games.  It was good rainy day or snow day fun!  Although I still loved to curl up with a good book!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breaking Down Brick Walls ~ Frederick Robichaud

Anyone who starts researching their family tree will eventually run into a mysterious ancestor.  One that seemed to appear out of no where, just to drive you crazy.
My 2nd Great Grandfather Frederick Robichaud was my big challenge.  He seamed to have appeared in the 1891 census married to Elizabeth Gallant with 4 children, with no links to the past.  His marriage record seams to be missing as well.

Some times when I have trouble finding information  out about an ancestor I will try searching for trees already done.  While they are not always correct some times they will be just the stepping stone needed.
Unfortunately I could not find many trees with my ancestor in them and the few I found stopped with him.  Also most only listed one of the children.  Every reference to the family showed it as a dead end.

After digging through census, I had a very strong suspicion that my Frederick was the same one listed in the 1901 census but with a new wife Catherine.  The older children closely matched in names and their marriage record listed Frederick as a widow.  This was also the feelings of some very helpful people from some forums. (Thank you!)
It was from this marriage record I was able to get Frederick's birth place as Pokemouche, New Brunswick.  His parents were listed as Luc Robichaud and Archange Arseneau.
Things were begging to come together that is until i could find no record of that couple ever having a child name Frederick!

Now the family was pretty well documented, at least the fathers side.  But all the trees I found did not list a Frederick and neither did the census data.  BUT their was a Ferdinand and he was about the right age.  Frederick was a common nickname for Ferdinand.  But although I was 95% sure they were the same person I could not prove it.

Then last week I put my back out.  Normally NOT a good thing. LOL!  But it did give me an opportunity to do a lot of reading.  I decided to tackle reading the church ledgers on Ancestry.  Up until that point I had only been able to locate one of the baptism records for the children of Fredericks first marriage.
I started with the one the record I had found and then went forward in time until I finally found my G Grandmothers baptism.  It didn't come up in the searches because only the last name was indexed!
After that I went backwards in time.  Slowly I was able to find most of the records.

But it was when I came to the record for Joseph Alexander Robichaud that tears came to my eye's.  There it was!  Parents listed as Ferdinand Frederick Robichaud and Eliza Gallant!
Yes he had been going by a nickname all his married life.

So I'm thrilled to have put that question to rest.  Now if I could just find the missing birth/baptism records for their first 3 children John, Albert and William!  I'm sure if I can find them, I might also find Frederick (Ferdinand's) and Elizabeth Gallants marriage record.
The oldest 3 all list Loggieville, New Brunswick as their birth place.  But I have been unable to find the records so far....