Saving Fold3 Records to Ancestry Member Trees

When I was on Fold3 the other day I noticed a new feature.  You can now save a record directly to a person on your tree.  This doesn’t really surprise me as Ancestry bought Fold3 not that long ago.  I’m glad they decided to make this available!

Fold3 David Badgerow War 1812

I decided to give it a try with my 3rd Great Grandfather David Badgerows War of 1812 pension record.

Selecting the Ancestry tree person to save Fold 3 record to

When you open the record in the top right is a bright green “Save to Ancestry” button.  When you click on that it asks you to select what tree the person is in.  Then you can type in their name.  It brings up a list of people to select from.  At first this confused me because there was no scroll bar on the side of the window.  It was only showing me 2 people at a time and I thought it couldn’t find the right David Badgerow in my tree.  Minor heart attack moment thinking my tree was mucked up!  Once you find the right person in the menu click on them.

Fold3 record saved to Ancestry Tree

Then you receive a message saying the Fold3 record has been successfully saved to your Ancestry tree.  I like that there is a link to go directly to their profile there.

Ancestry source linking to Fold3

When I went to David Badgerow’s profile page I found that his War of 1812 pension files had been added to the bottom of his sources list.  When you click on it you are taken to the associated file on Fold3.
I like that this is a quick and easy way to add the sources to your Ancestry tree.  One thing to note is that it does not create an event, or link the source to an event in your tree.  You will need to go to Ancestry and create these manually then link the source with it.

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