Edward Stinson abt. 1795-1870 Ireland to Ontario, Canada

I posted a few years ago about the search for my 2nd Great Grandmother Margaret Stinson’s parents.  I did finally figure out back in 2012 who her family was although I continued to search for more proof.  Earlier in this past January I had a new 4th cousin DNA match pop up on AncestryDNA.  I was thrilled to see that she descends from a sister of Margaret’s, Jane Stinson who married George Kidd.  For me between the paper trail and DNA I know that finally this family group is proven.  However there are still more mysteries to figure out.

Their father, my 3rd Great Grandfather Edward Stinson was born abt. 1795 in Ireland according to Canadian census records.  However the 1871 census death schedule shows his birth year as 1790.   His wife was Jane, surname unknown.

The first record of this family in Ontario that I have found is the baptism record for Michael Love.  Michael was the son of Owen Love and Mary Stinson, eldest daughter of Edward and Jane Stinson.  Michael was born at sea 1 June 1842 and baptized in St. Paul’s Catholic church in Toronto on 3 July 1841.


Image 81, page 150
1842 July 3rd, Baptized Michael, sub condition, born on the 1st June last, 7th legitimate marriage of Owen Love and Mary Stinson. spos. Edward Stinson and Jane Stinson.

Source: St. Paul (Toronto, York County, Ontario, Canada), Baptisms, marriages, burials 1834-1850, pg. 150, image 81, Michael Love, baptized 3 July 1842; digital image, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org : downloaded 12 May 2012).

A later baptism of their son Owen Love records Edward as Grandfather Stinson.

The 1851 Canada census shows Edward Stinson living in Etobicoke, Ontario with his son William in the same home.

1851 Canada Census Edward Stinson

Edward Stinson, labourer, born in Ireland, Catholic, residence out of limits, age 55, male, married.
William Stinson, labourer, born in Ireland, Catholic, age 21, male, single.

While Edward is listed as married, Jane is not listed with the family.  It’s very likely that she died before 1851.

The household previous to Edward Stinson is the home of son in law Owen Love and daughter Mary Stinson.  Two households before them is daughter Catherine Stinson with her husband Thomas Lister.  I will post more on these families in another post.

The next census Edward Stinson is found in is the 1861 Canada census.  Now he is living with his daughter Ann’s family in Whitby, Ontario.  Ann Stinson was the wife of John Hallowell/Holliwell.  Also in the census is Edward Stinson Jr.


John Hallowell, farmer, born in England, Church of A, age 34, male, married.
Ann Hallowell, born in Ireland, Church of A., age 36, female, married.
John Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 13, male, single.
Jane Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 11, female, singe.
Ann Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 9, female, single.
Elizabeth Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 7, female, single.
Mary Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 5, female, single.
Ellen Hallowell, born in Upper Canada, Church of A., age 3, female, single.
Edward Stinson Jr., born in Ireland, Church of A., age 26, male, single.
Edward Stinson Sen., born in Ireland, Church of A., age 70, male, widowed.

Source: Ancestry.com and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1861 Census of Canada (Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2009. Appreciation is expressed to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for providing the 1861 Canada Census Index..Original data - Canada. "Census returns for 1861." LAC microfilm), John Hallowell, household, line 31, pg. 27, ED 3, West Whitby, Ontario County, Ontario.

The next record I have found of Edward Stinson is the 1871 Canada census death schedule.  He is recorded in Downie Township, Perth County.  He most likely had moved back with Owen and Mary Love.


Here he is recorded as:

Edward Stinson, male, age 81 (born abt. 1790), Catholic, born in Ireland, farmer, widowed, died in May of natural decline.

Source: 1871; Census Place: Downie, Perth South, Ontario; Roll: C-9939; Page: 1, Line 13

At this point I hit another mystery that I hope will soon be solved.  I have been unable to find a death or burial record for Edward Stinson (or his wife Jane for that matter).  Since Ontario didn’t require death records to be filed until 1869, even the next few years are hit and miss when it comes to finding a death record.  I have looked at the Catholic parish records in the area of Downie township and his burial is not recorded.  The Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid does list an Edward Stinson buried in St. Mary’s cemetery and notes there is no stone.  I suspect this might be the Edward I’m looking for, as his daughter Mary Stinson Love and her family are buried in the same cemetery.

I’m currently waiting to hear from the St. Mary’s Museum to see if they have obituaries for Edward Stinson and daughter Mary and her husband Owen Love.  Hopefully they will provide some helpful information.  I would be thrilled if they listed where in Ireland this family came from!

Children of Edward Stinson and Jane.

Mary Stinson born abt. 1820 Ireland, died 20 July 1892 in St. Marys, Ontario.  Married Owen Love in Ireland.

Anne Stinson born abt. 1824 in Ireland, died 7 October 1897.  Married John Hallowell/Holliwell.

Catherine Stinson born abt.1824 in Ireland, died 6 Feb 1906 in Etobicoke Twp.  Married Thomas Lister.

John Stinson born abt.1825 in Ireland,died 30 April 1898 in Drayton, Wellington Co., Ontario.

Jane Stinson born abt. 1827 Ireland, died 2 April 1909 in Wellington Co., Ontario.  Married George Kidd.

William Stinson born abt. 1831 Ireland, died 24 August 1904 in Whitby, Ontario.  Married Ellen Ann (Eleanor) Crawford.

Margaret Stinson born abt.1834 Ireland, died 17 September 1907 in Dufferin Co., Ontario.  Married James Mills.

Edward Stinson born abt. 1836 Ireland, died unknown.  Unknown if he married as I've lost track of him after 1861.

Do you have information on this family?  Are you related?  I’d love to hear from you!

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