Amanuensis Monday ~ Will Of James Mills 1826-1898

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James Mills was my 2nd Great Grandfather he was born 16 April 1826 in Worlingworth, Suffolk, England.  James was the son of Christopher Mills and Susanna Churchyard.  James married Margaret Stinson on 21 Feb. 1851 at St. Phillip's Anglican Church in Etobicoke Township, York Co., Ontario.  They later moved to Melancthon township in Dufferin County.
This is the will of James Mills who died 2 Jan. 1898.  Thank you to cousin Bruce for sharing this will with  me.

James Mills Will pg1

Pg. 1
In the Surrogate court of the County of Dufferin.
In the Estate James Mills.
Inventory and Valuation of the property of the said deceased.
General Descriptions of Property.
Household Goods and Furniture              $100.00
Farming Implements etc.                          200.00
Horses                                                    200.00
Horned Cattle                                           150.00
Sheep and pigs                                          35.00
Farm Produce                                           150.00
Real Estate being Composed of Lots
numbers 217. 218. 219 and 223
all in the First Range North East of the Toronto and Sydenham                                                                                  Road in the township of Melancthon.          2500.00Total                                                       $3335.00
I James Grummett of the Township of Mulmur in the County of Dufferin Labour
make oath and say that I am one of the
Executors named in the last Will and Testament and Codiale thouts (?) and that the above is to
the best of my knowledge, information and believe, a
true inventory and valuation of the property of the
said deceased at the time of this death so far as I
pase at present as certain.
Sworn before me at the Village of Markdale
in the County of Grey this 24th day of January A.D. 1899. James Grummett (signature)
Geo. B. Thomas
A Cors????
This affidavit is filed on back of this petition by Lecaors Hcky?.

James Mills Will pg2

Pg. 2
I James Mills of the Township of Melancthon
in the County of Dufferin and Province
of Ontario make this my last will and testament as follows.
To my son Christopher I Bequeath Lot 217 first Con Township of Melanchthon Containing 50 acres
with the half of Lot 218 along side of it the dividing
line of Lot 218 to sum up the outer of said Lot
Christopher partner(?)  in Land sum of seventy-five acres
the said Christopher to pay to his mother in lieu
of  Dowel $ 18.75 yearly aucming(?) her life and also
to pay his sister Margaret #11.25 yearly for her maintenance until her marriage
the said sums to be paid on the first day of March in each year.
To my son Robert I leave Lot 219 first Con. N.E.
half on of them 50 acres with the half of Lot 218
25 acres summing parelled with Lot 219 __ ale
75 acres to Robert the said Robert to pay to his mother $18.75 yearly in lieu of her dowell
aucming her life and also to pay his sister Margaret
$11.25 yearly until her marriage I also will
Robert all my machinery and farming implements
and the span of horses which he uses and all
the cattle, sheep, and same on the plan he the said Robert to pay off the debts surmised expenses
to and also to pay his sister Mrs. Cootes
$50.00 (fifty adease) the cash three years after
my death.  The $18.75 $ 11.25 to be paid yearly on the 1st day of March.
To my son Joseph I leave Lot 223 1st Con N.E.
Township of Melancthon 50 acres he to pay $12.50 yearly to his mother in lieu of Dowes and $7.50
to his sister Margaret said somes to be paid
on the first day of March yearly.
Note on side of page 2:
"A" This is the exhibit A referred to in the accompanied
affidavits of Anthony Trudgen and John Arnold
Sworn before us this 26th day of January1888.
                    W. Mandell
                    A Carrols

James Mills Will pg3

Pg. 3
To my son Christopher I will the span of horses
which he now works and the third span
of horses  I wish them to be sold and the
proceeds applied to paying off the debts
and I appoint James Grummett and Anthony Trugon
of the Township of Proton and Melancthon to be
my Executors to this my last will and Testament.
                    James Mills his X mark
Signed & sealed delivered and declared
by the said estates for his last will
and testament in the presence of us both
being present at the same time who at
his request and in his presence and in
the presence of each other have subsached our          } Robt. Russell
names attesting whiteness                      } John Arinola
Dated at Melancthon   
this 20th day of April 1896
The price of the above mentioned team to be divided
share and share alike amongst my sons
William, James, John and Charles.
                James X Mills
Robt. Russell
John Arnold  }Witnesses
In the margin:
This is exhibit B referred to in
the acompied affidavit of John Arnold
Sworn before us this 26 day of January 1895
                        W. Mandell
                        A Coura(?)

James Mills Will pg4

Pg. 4
This is exhibit C referred to in the accompanied
affidavit of John Arnold sworn before us
this 26 day of January 1898
                W Mandell
                A Cornicnoe(?)
Codicil No. 2
I further amend this will and give to my
son Christopher the small waggon
and I also will that my sons Thomas
Edward and Christopher Charles shall supply
the lumber which they owe me to their
mother.  and place it on lot 223, 1st
Range Melancthon in order to build a
house for their mother and my son
Joseph to whom I have willed this Lot
shall give his mother off it on the front
one half acre of ground for said house
and I further will that my wife and
my son Joseph have the buggy which
I now have.
            James X Mills
Robt. Russell
John Arnold
            May 6th 1896

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