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Rhoda A. Crowell Is This You?

One of my 3rd Great Grandmothers Rhoda A. Crowell (Puddington) has been a long time brick wall in my family genealogy.  I've always wanted to find out who Rhoda really was and what family she belonged to.  This past week I decided to start my search  fresh with just the facts I knew and not worry about family stories.

So what do I know about Rhoda A. Crowell?  The first record I can find of her is a marriage notice filed in the New Brunswick Courier.  The transcript below is from the New Brunswick Archives, vital records from newspapers database.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 21 Number 475
Date November 14 1863
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper New Brunswick Courier

m. 11th inst., by Rev. J.R. Narraway, Thomas E. PUDDINGTON, Kingston (Kings Co.) / Miss Rhoda A. CROWELL, Windsor, N.S.

The marriage of Thomas E. Puddington and Rhoda A. Crowell is also recorded in the marriage bonds database of the New Brunswick Archives.  Unfortunately these records do not list the parents of the bride or groom.  In this case Thomas father Edwin Puddington was the co signer.

Year    1863
Role    BRIDE
Point of Origin    NOVA SCOTIA
County    --
Microfilm    F-9094
Reference    1863-2247

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So from the marriage bond and newspaper announcement we know that Rhoda A. Crowell was from Windsor, Nova Scotia.


The 1871 Canada census shows that after their marriage Thomas Puddington and wife Rhoda A. Crowell moved back to Windsor, N.S.

Thomas Puddington, male, age 36, born in N.B., Baptist, English, occupation carpenter, married.
Rhoda Puddington, female, age 32, born in N.S., Baptist, English, married.
Arthur W. Puddington, male, age 6, born in N.S., Baptist, English.
Harriet Puddington, female, age 2, born in N.S., Baptist, English.
Lilian Puddington, female, born 2/12, Feb., in N.S., Baptist, English.
Deborah Puddington, female, age 18, born in N.B., Church of England, English.

From the census we know Rhoda was born in Nova Scotia about 1839.  Other then their children Arthur W., Harriet "Hattie" and Lilian, Thomas sister Deborah Puddington is also living with the family.

The next record of Rhoda that I have found is her death notice.  It was published in the Daily Telegraph, NB.  Rhoda's age in this would put her birth about 1838 and it says she died in Windsor, N.S.
Unfortunately her death is not recorded in the vital records on the Nova Scotia Archives. 

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 41 Number 188
Date June 18 1877
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

d. Windsor, N.S., 11th inst., Rhoda A. PUDDINGTON w/o Thomas E. PUDDINGTON, age 39, left husband, four children.

So from the information above I can see that Rhoda A. Crowell was born about 1838/9 and was from Windsor, N.S.

Looking at the 1861 Canada census for Nova Scotia and the city directories for Windsor, their are only 2 Crowell family's living there.
The first is the family of Charles & Rebecca Crowell.  Charles is a boot maker and the 1861 census does not show a daughter in the right age group to be my Rhoda.

Also recorded on the same census page is the family of Robert Crowell.  Perhaps Charles is a younger brother?  The census for Robert's family DOES include a daughter the right age to be Rhoda.  I've transcribed the census below and posted in brackets the names of Roberts children I've identified so far that match the right age groups.

1861 Canada Census Crowellpg1

1861 Canada Census, Windsor, NS.

Robert Crowell, 3 males, 4 females, 7 total,
1 female over 2 & under 3 years (Maude?),
1 male over 5 & under 10 years (Elkanah?),
1 female over 5 & under 10 years (Hannah?),
1 single male over 20 and under 30 (Joseph?),
1 female single over 20 and under 30 years (Rhoda?),
1 married male over 40 and under 50 years, (Robert)
1 married female over 40 and under 50 years, (Harriet)
1 married male, 2 single males, 0 widowed males, 3 total males, 1 married female, 3 single 3 females, 0 widowed, 4 total females.


The 1871 Canada census shows Harriet wife of Robert and the children still living in Windsor.  The two children who were listed as male over 20 and female over 20 are not with the family, however they have had a new child since the last census Mary age 4.

1871 Census Windsor, NS.
Harriet Crowell, female, age 50, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English, married.
Elkanah Crowell, male, age 19, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English, occupation Carpenter.
Hannah Crowell, female, age 15, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English.
Maude Crowell, female, age 12, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English, going to school.
Hulet Crowell, male, age 7, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English, going to school.
Mary Crowell, female, age 4, born in N.S., W. Methodist, English.


Robert was listed on a different page of the census, recorded at work?  I do know that this is the correct Robert as the city directories record him, then later list Harriet Crowell widow of Robert.  I notice that Harriet and the children are recorded as Methodist and Robert states he's a Baptist.

Robert Crowell, male, age 61, born in N.S., Baptist, English, occupation Pilot & laborer, married.

Hutchison's Nova Scotia Directory 1864/65

Chares Crowell, boot and shoemaker, Gerrish n Water
Robert Crowell, pilot, h Water n Albert

Lovell's Province of Nova Scotia Directory 1871

Charles Crowell, bootmaker
Robert Crowell, tavern

Looking on FamilySearch for more information the family of Robert & Harriet turned up a marriage of Joseph Crowell to Ellen Bates.  Their marriage is dated 22 August 1867 in Windsor.  This would fit to make Joseph the son over 20 and explain why he is not in the 1871 census with his parents.

Name:    Joseph Crowell
Spouse's Name:    Ellen Bates
Event Date:    22 Aug 1867
Event Place:    Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia
Father's Name:    Robert Crowell
Mother's Name:    Harriet
Spouse's Father's Name:    Thomas Bates
Spouse's Mother's Name:    Hannah

Citing this Record:
"Nova Scotia, Marriages, 1711-1909," index, <i>FamilySearch</i> ( : accessed 20 Jul 2014), Joseph Crowell and Ellen Bates, 22 Aug 1867; citing Windsor, Hants, Nova Scotia; FHL microfilm 1298988.

I checked the Nova Scotia Archives vital records database and found only one child recorded for Robert & Harriet.  The child was not named in the record but the date fits to be their son Huelat M. Crowell.

Crowell, male, born 31 March 1864, Windsor, father Robert Crowell, laborer, Windsor, mother H. Crowell.

The New Brunswick Archives newspaper database turned up more records for this family.  Sadly it shows many of the children died as teens and young adults.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 31 Number 1875

Date April 11 1872
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper Daily News

d. Windsor, N.S., 4th inst., Hannah Cochrane CROWELL fourth d/o Mrs. H.A. CROWELL, age 16.

Maude Crowell, female, age 17, spinster, Windsor, parents Robert & Hannah, died June, Windsor 1875,

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 36 Number 1837

Date June 26 1875
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper Watchman

d. Windsor, 20th inst., Maud CROWELL d/o Mrs. H.A. CROWELL, age 17.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 58 Number 2410

Date May 11 1882
County Westmorland
Place Sackville
Newspaper Chignecto Post

m. Clifton House, Windsor, 26th ult., by Rev. J.M. Pike, W.S. ROBB / Alice M. CROWELL only d/o Mrs. H.A. CROWELL.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 63 Number 2220

Date December 11 1885
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

d. Windsor, N.S., 3rd inst., Alice May ROBB wife of W.S. ROBB and d/o Mrs. H.A. CROWELL, age 19.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 76 Number 2200

Date January 21 1890
County Westmorland
Place Moncton
Newspaper The Times

The last issue of the Windsor 'Tribune' has the following: Huelat M. CROWELL youngest s/o Mrs. H.A. CROWELL died of consumption at his mother's residence Saturday night. Huelat was a moulder by trade and worked for some time in the Windsor foundary, afterwards at Moncton. His death makes the 12th in a family of 14 children, seven sons and seven daughters. The deceased leaves a widow, but no family. The deceased was a member of No. 4 Company 78th Batt. and also of the 7s Band and was buried with military honors. The deceased worked about eight months in Moncton in the employ of the Record factory, leaving here over a year ago.

Huelat M. Crowell’s obituary above is helpful as it says that he was the 12th death of a family of 14 children.  Oh my how very sad!  Since I’ve only located 7 children for this family, if I include Rhoda as a daughter I’m still missing half of the family.  I couldn’t find any more on this family in the NB newspaper archive.  Perhaps they died as babies…  I did find a death notice for a Hattie A. Crowell daughter of Joseph & Ellen Crowell and granddaughter of Robert and Harriet.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 88 Number 362

Date January 6 1893
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper The Daily Telegraph

d. Windsor, N.S., Jan. 2nd, of consumption, Hattie A. CROWELL d/o Joseph CROWELL and the late Ellen CROWELL, age 21 years.

Harriet Amelia Crowell, female, died Dec. 14, 1911, age 91 years, residence Victoria Street, Windsor.  Occupation housewife, widowed, husband Robert Murray Crowell (deceased), born in Falmouth, cause of death senility, 3 weeks, religion Methodist, race White, name of physician C.H. Manis.  Undertaker Wm Cury & Sons, place of burial Maplewood, Windsor.  Person making return E.S. Beydle, Dec. 14, 1911

Although I haven’t yet been able to find a death record for Robert Murray Crowell, I did find his wife’s in the Nova Scotia Archives.  It is from this record we find out Roberts middle name.  We see that Harriet was born in Falmouth that is across the river from Windsor.  Unfortunately her death record does not list her parents.

So to summarize what I know about this family group.  Robert Murray Crowell was born about 1810 in Nova Scotia and he was a Baptist.  Robert's wife was Harriet Amelia surname unknown.  Harriet was born about 1820 in Falmouth, Nova Scotia and she was a Methodist.

According to their son Huelat's obituary Robert and Harriet had 14 children, 12 had died by 1890.
7 children have been identified for this family so far.
Rhoda A. Crowell born abt. 1838
Elkanah born abt. 1850
Hannah Cochrane Crowell born abt. 1856
Maude Crowell born abt. 1858
Huelet M. Crowell born 31 March 1864, died 12 Jan. 1890
Alice Mary Crowell born abt. 1867 married W.S. Robb on  26 May 1882.  She died 3 Dec. 1885.

On my to do list is to find a way to check the church records for Windsor, N.S. and see if there are any baptism records that can tie Rhoda to this family.  I am pretty sure that this IS her family, but if it’s possible to find proper documentation that is always wanted.  I’m also trying to cross check the names in my DNA tests, I have quite a few matches with the surname Cochrane in their background.  I suspect Cochrane might be Harriet Amelia’s surname as I’ve found it quite common to use the mothers surname as a middle name for a child.  Although some times it’s a grandmothers surname also.

Now how does this tie in with the family story that I’ve heard?  I had been told that Rhoda was born in Windsor, N.S. and that her father was a business man.  Also that she had at least one brother, the family may have owned a store in Windsor.  My cousin remembered reading that a Crowell had worked for Thomas Puddington who was a carpenter.

The information on Robert shows that he was a boat pilot and later worked in or owned a tavern.  After his death Harriet operated a hotel according to later census.  Son Elkanah was a carpenter in the 1871 census at the time Thomas and Rhoda lived in Windsor.  He later moved to the USA and I’ve lost him after the 1900 census.

Are related to anyone mentioned in this post?  Do you have further information on this family?  I would love to hear from you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My AncestryDNA Ethnic Results

I recently shared the ethnicity results of MyOrigins Family Tree DNA results.  Last summer I also had my autosomal DNA tested with Ancestry.  This is a brief look at it's ethnic suggestions.

Family Tree DNA's MyOrigins showed I was 100% European with a break down of Western and Central Europe 50%, British Isles 32%, and Scandinavia 19%.

AncestryDNA shows me as 99% European and 1% West Asian.  Ancestry breaks their estimates down as 50% Irish, 27% Scandinavian, 8% Iberian Peninsula, 5% Great Britain 3% Eastern European, 3% European Jewish, 2% Finland/Northwest Russia, 1% Europe West and 1% Caucasus.

Ancestry's DNA map also shows it's results as a heat map when you click on a specific ethnic group. In the image above I click on the Ireland group.  When you do this it opens a graph under it and shows you the range you are matching this group.  As I mentioned in my other post ethnic DNA testing is still in the early stages and should be used as more fun then pure science.  The results largely depend on what testing groups the laboratory is using to compare your test to.

On the right side of the screen Ancestry also tells you about the average population of this area.  Below the map are more bar graphs showing how your DNA compares to that of other people from this area. In the example of my Irish DNA it could be as low as 36% and as high as 62%, Ancestry has suggested the proper range is 50%.  I think this is a bit high but I do have Irish lines on both sides of my family.

Have you tried AncestryDNA?  What did you think of your ethnic results?

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Origins Family Tree DNA Results

This past may Family Tree DNA updated their Population Finder, now called My Origins.  Two years ago (oh my has it been that long already?!) I posted my Population Finder results.  I thought it would be fun to compare this with the new My Origins.

Now it is important to remember that population finder type tests are fairly new and do not necessarily show all your ethnicity.  The autosomal DNA you inherit from your ancestors is random and even siblings can show different ethnic percentages in DNA testing.  It is still fun to look at the results!

The original Population Finder showed me to be all European.

Western European ~ French, Orcadian, Spanish 87.29% with an error margin of 8.57%
Europe ~ Tuscan, Finnish, Romarian, Russian, Sardinian 12.89% with an error margin of 8.57%

The new My Origins show me to be 100% European.  They now beak this down into 50% Western and Central Europe, 32% British Isles and 19% Scandinavia.

Looking at this map compared to the original Population Finder it is a little different.  Gone are the Finland and Russian suggestions.

When you expand the ethnic box it shows Western and Central Europe 50%, British Isles 32%, and Scandinavia 19%

The results are displayed as a heat map, so the darker the area the more likely you match that population.  At least that is my understanding.
I find this map to be pretty accurate of my heritage. The Scandinavia results are coming from my Great Grandfather Karl Oskar Andersson (AKA Joseph Oscar Anderson).  As for the rest I have English, Irish, Scottish, German and French on both sides of my family.  I also have some Native American mixed in with my Acadian.  This doesn't show up on My Origins or AncestryDNA's test, but does show up clearly on the population finders on GEDmatch.

Next I'll post my AncestryDNA ethnic results to see how they compare.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun ~ My Father's Mother's Patrlineal Line

I'm  joining in Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun meme this week.  This round is about your fathers, mother's paternal line.

1) What was your father's mother's name?

My father's mother was Margaret Alice (Colgan) Mills.  Margaret was born 10 August 1891 in Grey county, Ontario to John James Colgan (1854-1928) and Indiana Lovica Badgerow (1866-1937). She died 1 March 1965.

2) What is your father's mother's patrilineal line? That is, her father's father's father's ... back to the most distant male ancestor in that line?

Margaret's paternal line is:

John James Colgan (1854-1928) married Indiana Lovcia Badgerow (1866-1937)

George Colgan (1808-1895), married Eliza Smith (1822-1888)

3) Can you identify male sibling(s) of your father's mother, and any living male descendants from those male sibling(s)? If so, you have a candidate to do a Y-DNA test on that patrilineal line. If not, you may have to find male siblings, and their descendants, of the next generation back, or even further.

Margaret had 3 brothers that I know of.

John James Colgan (1898-1961), he married Mary Adeline Acheson (1902-1989).  They had 2 children that I know of.  One daughter Sarah Beatrice who died as a baby and a son Cephas Stanley Colgan 1931-2004.  I have no further information on this line.  Would be good to follow up on!

David Henry Colgan (1905-1991).  I don't have a wife or children listed for David.  I need to follow up on this to find out if he married.

Albert Wellington Carter Colgan (1913-1953).  Albert died young at only 40 years old.  I again don't have any further information on him.  

So Thanks to Randy, I've found some gaps I need to add to my to-do lists!  Unless David and Albert has sons, the only possible Y DNA candidate would be if Cephas had sons.  Y DNA testing isn't something I've ventured into yet, but I do hope to eventually.  My Colgan line being Irish has been a hard one to crack.  I have a possible set of parents for George Colgan my 2nd Great Grandfather, but I haven't been able to confirm it yet.  That's for another post!

4)  Tell us about it in your own blog post, or in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook or Google Plus post.

I just did! LOL!  If your related to this line I would love to hear from you!