Genealogy Do Over – Week One: Setting Up My New Linux Install & Favourite Software

In my last post I shared some of my goals I would like to work on in the next 13 weeks of the Genealogy Do Over.  Before I could get down to making research plans I wanted to upgrade my laptops operating system and programs.  As I’ve mentioned before I use Linux my primary operating system.  I had been running Bodhi Linux 2 for a few years and decided it was time for a change.

Bodhi Linux is a wonderful Linux distro, but it is built on an older version of Ubuntu.  I wanted a newer version that could run the newer software versions that I wanted.  So this past week I’ve been downloading and trying out a few.  I decided to go with Linux Mint 17.1.  So far I’m loving it!

Then I set up my Windows virtual box so I can run the few Windows programs that I use and don’t play nice with WINE.  This is mainly Windows Live Writer, Family Tree Maker 2012 and RootsMagic 7.  RootsMagic WILL work in WINE but I find it just works better in a Windows virtual box setup.

I set up Evernote in WINE and the Linux version of it called NixNote 2 (previously called NeverNote) as well.

I also installed a newer version of my favourite photo management software DigiKam.  It is available for Linux and Windows.

I installed the newest version of GRAMPS.  I’ve tried using this before and just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Actually I think it’s the only Linux program that gives me a headache.  It works very different than other genealogy software I’ve used.  I’m going to start a new database in this to give it a fair test.  There are some things I really like about how GRAMPS handles places and reports.

I’ve installed RootsTrust a new genealogy program for Windows, Mac and Linux.  It’s only in beta but I already like what I see.  I also like that it’s cross platform and can also run on a flash drive.

I installed Shutter a wonderful screenshot program.

Then I installed Evidentia I just love this program but I was still running an older version of it until I upgraded this week.  I’m looking forward to trying out all the new features in this version!

Of course I’ve also been busy moving over my Thunderbird mail and FireFox profiles so that I didn’t lose any important data or settings.  Dropbox is all set up and many other little programs that I find very handy.  I love how easy Linux makes it to install most software and keep it updated to!  I have always loved how I can update my Linux operating system and every program on it so quickly.

Now that I have everything setup the way I like it’s time to work on my new research plans!

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