rootstrust 1.0 To Be Launched February 2016

I received the following press release from rootstrust.  rootstrust is a new cross platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) genealogy program that has been under development and soon to be officially released.  I've been trying the Linux version out this past year and it has some great features!


rootstrust 1.0 to be launched February 2016

Atavus, Inc. announces that it will be releasing version 1.0 of its advanced, multi-
platform genealogy system rootstrust in early February 2016. “Taking on board
valuable input from a team of international beta testers over the past twelve
months, we have invested another 2000 highly targeted programing hours to
refining and improving the program’s functionality. The result is very stable and
the import of GEDCOM files from FTM, TMG, and other programs can be achieved
with relative ease and speed,” explains Brooke Nelson, founder of Atavus, Inc.
and developer of rootstrust. “Formal release is scheduled in Salt Lake City at
Rootstech 2016. Please visit us at our booth.”

rootstrust is a software system designed to manage genealogy data. It is one of
the few genealogy programs that can be operated on the Windows, Mac OS, and
Linux operating systems. It is written in Java and the same program runs on all
three operating systems. The database is also independent of the operating
system, enabling users to access and preserve genealogy data regardless of the
computer they may be working on. The database can be synced with the Cloud.

rootstrust can be downloaded onto Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs or it can be run
on a specially formatted USB device to enable full portability of the program and
database across computers and operating environments.

Key features of rootstrust include:

About Atavus, Inc.: Atavus, based in Sterling, VA, was founded in February 2013
to commercialize rootstrust. The founder, Brooke Nelson, is a veteran software
developer and genealogist. Nelson began developing rootstrust for his own use in
1999 to address unmet needs in the market for commercially available genealogy
software. His vision was to create a system that provided Unicode support, event
sharing, the ability to define relationships between persons that are not relatives,
and the facility to link places that are historically related to one another such as
New York and New Amsterdam. Most importantly, he wanted to be able to move
the program and / or the database and the document and multimedia image files
that are linked to the database without permanently breaking the linkages.

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